Reverend George French Kempsell Jr.

Reverend George French Kempsell Jr.

Reverend Kempsell holds a newly baptized infant in front of the hand painted mural of The Nicene Creed at The Episcopal Church of St.James the Less. This photo was taken during the early 1950’s.


July 1, 2012 · 8:05 pm

3 responses to “Reverend George French Kempsell Jr.

  1. Martha Jones

    My father, I’m honored to say. Martha

    • Dear Martha,
      You should be proud indeed. Your father was a great person. Though not a communicant of his church, I participated in St. James the Less’ York Nativity Play in 1959 and 1960 (as Herod, grrrr!), as did, btw, Raymond St. Jaques (, “the first black actor to appear in a regular role on a western series, playing Simon Blake on Rawhide,” and Jill Scully (, later a prominent soap opera star, writer, and producer. I remember Jill, a Roman Catholic, saying, “I wish my church could have priests like Father Kempsell.”
      I know about your father’s enlightened stand mentioned on the Scarsdale, New York, page of Wikipedia, but I’d love to have any other information on him.
      With best wishes.
      Bill Stott

    • L Paul Gratz (The Rev.)

      It is All Saints Sunday 2021 and as I prepare to deliver yet another All Saints sermon I remember “Fr. K” as my Rector at St James the Less and the sermon he delivered and the courage it took to take the stand. So, once again, I remember him as one of the saints in my life who bore witness and faced the pain often associated with it. I know that moment helped to shape my life, for the good.

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